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Port Moresby
March 1, 2021

Japanese Group ‘Nihon Izokukai’ visit AROB to Honor WW2 Heroes

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by Fabian Hakalits – EM TV, Port Moresby

The Autonomous Region of Bougainville is also home to significant remains from World War II, and for many years, has been an attractive site for overseas tourists, like the Japanese. 

The island was occupied by the Australian, American and Japanese forces in World War II; and, was an important base for the RNZAF;and USAAF. 

It’s also the region where Japanese Marshal Admiral, Isoroku Yamamoto’s plane crashed.

Admiral Yamamoto who planned the attack on Pearl Harbour, left Rabaul in a ‘Betty Bomber’ on April 18, 1943, with a protective group of Zeros, not realising that US fighters were waiting for him near Buin.

The wreckage of the bomber still lies in the jungle; and has been in the jungle for nearly 73 years now.

Recently, the Japanese group called Nihon Izokukai, prayed for their loved ones who died during World War Two.

Every year, they flock into the Autonomous Region of Bougainville to visit and pray for their loved ones who died in World War II.

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