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Japanese International Cooperation Agency Aids PNG Power

Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), PNG Power and the Department of Petroleum and Energy signed instruments today that will enable JICA to carry out   the Lae Area Power development Master Plan.

The project comes in two – folds where JICA will undertake a study to formulate the Master for Ramu Power System and also to develop a plan for Lae Power Distribution Network.


The studies will take into consideration power demands in 2030 so as to build a power infrastructure that will in the long run meet the requirements.


In recent times, Lae residents and parts of the Highlands Region that rely heavily on the Ramu Power Grid and Yonki have raised concerns over the constant blackouts that have affected them and other business houses.


In Lae city, with the second largest population and the industrial hub of Papua New Guinea, the demand for power has increased from 37.9 Megawatts to 66.8 Megawatts. This has resulted in the constant power outages.   


Today, JICA, PNG Power, the Department of Petroleum and Energy and National Planning Department signed instruments that will pave the way for JICA to undertake one of the biggest studies to improve power capacity in the Lae Area given the fact that Ramu Power System is PNG Power’s second biggest system next to its system in Port Moresby.


With future demands for energy especially in the mining sector in Lae to increase based on the assumption that mining activities such as Wafi Golpu will expand thus, creating the need for more energy therefore, JICA in its studies will include plans that will foresee the demand in 2030 so as to build infrastructure that will cater for the ever – increasing demand and perhaps solve the on-going power crisis.


JICA has conducted preparatory survey on the Expansion and Reinforcement of the Ramu Power Grid and will continue with designing the Master Plan.


The project is in line with PNG Power’s effects to provide consistent energy supply. It also falls in line with the government’s priority to improve existing infrastructure.


Upon the completion of the Master Plan, the Ramu Power System Development Master Plan and Lae Area Distribution Network Improvement Plan will be developed between 2016 and 2030.

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