James Marape’s Impersonator Caught

A professional impersonator known as King David, who has been using senior state ministers name to transact large sum of money has been caught by police in Port Moresby.


The con artist and his accomplice were arrested after attempting to receive two thousand kina from a pastor fromthPNG Revival Centre.

The suspect was caught yesterday atthe Manu Auto Port after evading police for the past couple of months.


A press conference was held later atthe Beroko Police station to addressthe media and public after police got hold ofthe impersonator.


When addressingthe media, NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bewa said, many people have been ripped off bythese impersonators.


“There is a ring of people who are involved in it. And, it extends to a lot of institutions,” said Bewa.

“We need to fight this at all costoeven if it means to put a war on such con artist to use names of ministers and well known people to get money out from people for their greed.

“It is about time that we need to clamp down onthem very hard.

“We have names ofthe accomplices andthere will be a lead investigation into this matter,” Bewa added.

Bewa urgedthe public to report tothe police and confirm identities of such suspicious con artist.


Finance Minister James Marape’said state ministers do not operate onthe streets regarding government proposals or documents seeking financial approval.


“This sought of things have been going on, and it makes our government’system look very bad…it is showing that allthe ministers are running around conning people and getting money fromthem,” said Marape.

“Let this event bethe signal to Papua New Guineas that if someone is outtheir claiming to be an agent of a minister, or an agent ofthe state, or an agent of a public servantoI am appealing that you callthe police hotline and reportthe matter,” he said.

Minister Marape voiced that no payments will be made to individuals by ministers, members of parliament and departmental heads ofthe government.


Police interrogation has revealed thatthere is an organised group conductingthese illegal activities with a son of a prominent Mendi businessman aidingthe impersonators.


The suspect is 39 years old from Enga Province married to seven wives with four children. He is now being arrested, charged and refused bail atthe Beroko Police station awaiting futher investigations.



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