IVF Baby for a couple in their 70s

By Lorraine Gabina – EMTV International

A couple from northern India, after undergoing in-vitro fertilization or IVF treatment, was blessed with their first child. After 46 years of marriage, both are in their seventies and thrilled to finally have a child together.

The mother, Daljinder Kaur, who says she is 70 but does not have a birth certificate according to several media reports, and her husband Mohinder Singh Gill, aged 79, have been married for over four decades however all attempts to conceive a child naturally over the years were unsuccessful.

Kaur’s 79-year-old husband said, “We always had plans to have a baby, but it all depends on God. Nothing can happen without his will. We saw the institute on television and then we decided. But again we got delayed by two or three years. We contacted them and started taking treatment as advised by them. It’s all because of God’s blessings.”

After receiving the IVF treatment at the National Fertility Centre in the nearby Haryana province, Kaur became pregnant 20 years after her menopause.

The first two attempts at IVF failed.

Dr. Anurag Bishnoi, managing director of the National Fertility Centre where Kaur and Gill received the treatment, said that the couple, who work as farmers in the neighboring Punjab province, heard about the treatment in a newspaper article.

He said, “The couple came to us three-years ago for treatment. Because the woman was not able to get pregnant so they were suggested to undergo IVF treatment. They had also read it in the newspaper that it was possible to bear a child at this age so they decided to undergo the treatment.”

In India, infertility is sometimes seen as a curse and those unable to conceive can often end up being disliked by family members.

Responding to this, Kaur said she is surprised over such rumours as she was never taunted by her mother or family members for bearing a child at this age. Dr Bishnoi also said this is not the first case of success for Bishnoi and his centre. In 2008 another of his patients gave birth to a baby girl at 70-years-old.

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