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Investigations into NAQIA Housing Project Still Unknown

By Mickey Kavera – EM TV, Port Moresby

The NAQIA housing project is worth millions of Kina; but concerns surrounding the National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority or NAQIA housing project run deep. Investigations have commenced but results are yet to be made known.

In September, last year, all independent investigations by NAQIA into the failed housing project were closed and handed over to the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate.

To date there is still nothing to show for, leaving staff wondering if investigations have actually commenced.

It was understood that an office would be set up within NAQIA, specifically to look into the alleged misuse of funds. But that has not been the case, to date.

The project runs into the millions; according to contract documents K2.7million was allocated to construct the houses.

Allegedly, there are a number of players that are profiting from this housing scheme, costing NAQIA a substantial amount of money. The housing project was the first for NAQIA, approved by the NAQIA board in June 2011.

Following that a contract agreement was signed in May 2012 with Lands Investment Limited to build a total of nine, three bedroom houses.

The houses were to be completed within six months, but that has taken longer than expected. Work has now ceased on the project leaving houses incomplete, with no tenants.

Attempts to contact the Acting Managing Director, Joel Alu for comments were unsuccessful, as his phone kept ringing out.

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