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Internet Access Must Be Seen As An Essential Need, says Expert

A Papua New Guinea telecommunication expert says internet access should be treated as an essential intellectual need and pricing be regulated bytheIndependent Consumer and Competitions Commission.


Former Chief Executive of Bemobile, Noel Mobiha, says, along withthe price regulation,the government’should invest in building information technology infrastructure in schools so that a future market volume is builtoand prices will be reduced.



With competitions, speeds have been improverd and pricing has dropped slightly butthe impacts have been relatively minimal for people in centers outside of Port Moresby and Lae.


Mr Telikom Noel Mobiha saysthe government has to adoptthe radical policies similar to countries in Europe wherethe internet is treated as a basic necessity.


For Papua New Guineathat means price regulation bythe price watchdog,the ICCC.


Pricing remains relatively high because it’s dictated bythe starting price ofthe initial upstream provider, which inthe case of Telikom, comes out of Australia.


Noel Mobiha saysthe government’should now look at ther options like sourcing wholesale internet providers from Asia wherethe customer volumes are high andthe pricing is relatively low.

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