Incomplete teachers’ houses in question

After three years, and three hundred thousand kina,the Morata primary school inthe Nation’s capital is still waiting for the planned teachers houses.

Nowthe Morata community wants to know what is going on.

Duringthe launch of Telikom Clean ITProgram at Morata Primary School, it was discovered thatthese sets of double storey teacher’s houses have not been completed. The School Beard claims contractors Pamo General Supply Limited tookthe money and ran.

Community Representttive Wilson Kepe said contracts for school infrastructure must be monitored from start to finish. He challengedthe School Beard to completethe works.

Morata Primary School Principal Philip Tiki saidthe teachers houses was an initiative of NCD Governor Powes Parkop in 2010. It’s not certain whtherthe payment was given tothe Contractor or not.

Governor Parkop’saidthe contractors were giventhe funds in advance but nothing was done. Withthe free tuition fee and project fees, Governor Parkop has challenged school boards inthe nation’s capital to make use ofthe money by maintaining school infrastructures. He was concerned that city schools were given hefty funds during Somare’s government andthe current one but nothing to show onthe ground.    

Beidgette Komatep, National EMTV News

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