If I was the Prime Minister: Namah

Opposition Leader Belden Namah’says one solution to stopthe number of increased rape and murder case is all firearms to be surrendered.

Mr Namah held a news conference in Port Moresby on Wednesday covering a number of issues. He said if he wasthe Prime Minister,the first thing he would do is impose a six-month grace period to surrender all firearms.

“We have to get allthe citizens to surrender all firearms whther licenced or not because most of those crimes committed are committed using firearms.”

He said withinthe six – monthsthere will be sufficient time to toughen laws on firearms and those found in possession afterthe grace period be arrested for illegal possession.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister O'Neill saidthe government was working on penalties to be imposed against murderers and rapists. The government will also reviewthe Sorcery Act.

“We are reviewing many ofthe legislations in respect to some ofthe sort of behaviour that is now frequently happening inthe country,” says O’Neill.

Mr Namah also supportedthe government’s mover to introduce tougher penalties on rapists and murderers.

The debate ofthe death penalty has increased as increased cases of murder and rape reach unprecedented levels.

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