Ialibu Basin LLG Dispute

Two candidates are puzzled as to why a president was declared for the Ialibu Besin LLG when Mr Trawen had also listed elections inthe area as failed.


They saythe actions ofthe election manager to declare a president in Mendi instead of home ground is highly suspicious.

Steward Tawa and Winson Win Yopolo are candidates for the Ialibu Besin LLG. They were shocked to find out a president has been declared intheir area after commissioner Trawen namedtheir LLG as one ofthe 19 declared failed.

According tothemthere were four disputed boxes withthe name of one particular candidate in all ofthem.

They arguethe election manager initially declaredthe boxes invalid. After openingthe ballot boxes. Bet later declared a presidentonot inthe locality but in Mendi.

They saythe elections inthe LLG were marred with all sorts of corruption.Including hijacking of ballot boxes due to a lack of police presence.

At this stagethey still can’t put a figure to how muchthe declared presidentoRobert Dopo, won by or who came in second and third out ofthe 10 candidates.

Electoral Commissioner, Andrew Trawen, has announced that elections in 20 LLGs inthe highlands region were failed, due to a number of chronic illegal practices. The Ialibu Besin LLG is one ofthem. 

“As Electoral Commissioner, I am seriously concerned aboutthe constant breach of election laws inthe highlands region, and many have gotten away with it because of isolation, and also because of dishonesty by those who are in charge.” – Andrew Trawen, Electoral Commissioner

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