Hunters competitivness in opposed sessions questioned

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By Fidelis Sukina – EMTV Sports, Port Moresby

It’s no secret the hunters have no trial match, and their solution is opposed sessions against themselves starting this Sunday.

But a team that trains together knows the game plan, the question of a competitive session amongst teammates opposing each other does not seem like the best way of unearthing a player’s full potential.

Will players see it as a trial match and not just another training run, where your weaknesses can be exposed?

The Hunters answer, training is different from a trial match.At the end of the day the players have no choice but to hunt each other down as enemies.

Hunter’s Assistant Coach, Nigel Hukula, knows what positives would have come about if there were trial matches between others apart from themselves.

Nigel confirmed that securing trial matches was the job of the administration, depending though on the availability and schedules of the desired teams.

Fidelis Sukina

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Fidelis Sukina