How to Getting More And Better Sleep With A Snoring Partner


 By Samantha Semoso – EMTV Online

What can you do when you share a bed with someone whose snoring keeps you awake?

We may jokes about snoring but it can be deadly serious. Your partners snoring can be a serious health and quality of life issue for you. If your partners snoring undermines your sleep, than your body and mind are doing less well. With poor sleep your daily activities will have slow starts to the day or coms to a point of cancellation of activities. It can even become a threat to relationships.

So here are a few things that might help you.

Get Proof

Many people learn to sleep through the sounds of traffic on the street, airplane overhead, neighbours or drunkards’ screams and loud music. So if the snoring is new, possibly within a week or two you might become accustomed to it and be able to sleep through the night.

 Fall Asleep First

If your partner snoring is mainly a problem when you are trying to fall asleep, try to get to bed and sleep first. You might want to get a 15 minute head start in bed so you can successfully fall asleep and sleep well.

 Buy Earplugs

If you can’t stand the snoring, try bend your pillow so it covers your ear or plug in ear plugs. It may not completely deaden the sound of loud snoring, but may reduce the loudness enough so you cn sleep.

Try Pushing Them

If your partner can’tolerate it, push or nudge him or her to talk to him while his snoring to change his position in sleeping from his back to his side (where is less likely to snore) which may stop his snoring for a while.

 Determine If it’s Allergies

Some people snore primarily when they have a cold, a sinus infection, or allergic reactions that affect their breathing. For them, a decongestant or antihistamine might reduce or eliminate the snoring.

 Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

Some people snore or snore much more when they have alcohol. Even just a few sips of wine at dinner make some people snore loudly. If alcohol seems an issue, see if your partner can reduce or don’t drink alcohol at all before bed.

 Asses If It Could Be A Weight Problem

Losing weight may dampen down or eliminate snoring. Some snorers might have to lose weight to to stop snoring.

And, if you cannot handle it anymore, find another place to sleep. It maybe for a few nights , a week or only part of some night, just to help get good and quality sleep.



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