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Hornibrooks NGI Partners with Momase Mobile Squad

The Momase Mobile Squad division is a building partnerships with the private sector to ensure that its operations continue to function, despite the struggle with limited resources.

Hornibrooks NGI, a company based in Lae, Morobe Province, has an on-going partnership with the Lae mobile squad which covers logistics and administration supplies.

The Lae Mobile Squad has also assisted the company with security issues.

Momase Mobile Group operates in Morobe and commands three mobile squads in the region, MS 13 lae, MS 14 Goroka and MS 15 Bulolo.

The division carry’s out operations that directly curb crime in the Highlands and Momase.

But, resources within the division are stretched and so partnerships are being formed.

Hornibrooks Managing Director, Matthew Lewis, says the company assists where it can, but more businesses must help the police service.

“Other Buinesses around Lae and around Papua New Guinea to dig into their pockets and help out,” says Lewis.

Momase Mobile Groups MS 13, based in Lae has assisted Hornibrooks in its many security issues and provided legal advice.

In return the company has also, on many occasions, assisted Ms13 with fuel and logistics to enable the Force to carry out their duties in curbing crime in the city.

Last year, it assisted Hornibrooks in successfully retaining its land from illegal settlers at 9-mile.

Lae Metropolitan Commander, Chief Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says policing is a community effort that involves everyone.

“If business houses can assist in their small way, it help secure a safer community for everyone else to live in, and when you have a safer community businesses thrive,” says Wagambie Jnr.

Today, the company presented computers to the division.

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