October 20, 2019
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Hohola Off-season Tournament: A Stepping Stone for Young Talents

By Fidelis Sukina – EMTV Sports, Port Moresby

It is always a healthy crowd that turns out for the Hohola Off-season tournament in the nation’s capital Port Moresby. The off-season competition is a stepping stone for some young talented players in the city suburbs who wish to pursue a career in rugby league.

It was a dry and dusty afternoon at Ipi Park, Hohola Off-season grounds, but it was an anticipated turnout by the crowd. Two teams from the B grade, the Mutrus Brothers and the Burns peak Mix Mates, took centre stage in the semi finals of the Hohola Off-season competition.

The crowd finding good seating in the stands and under the shade of nearby trees, even parking cars to watch an entertaining match.

For most of the young players, the B grade competition is for those under the age of 20, and most of these players taste of competitive rugby league is in such off season competitions, this is their spring board into a career in rugby league.

Falling on a hard surface is the least of their worries, it’s the competitiveness these young men put into the competition that draws the crowds.

The match was won by the Mutrus bothers from Hohola 4, a try to prop Herman Peter, sealing the 4-0 victory.

The Muturs Brothers excitement poured out on to the sideline, the players carrying their coach, Tony Kili, up and away.

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