Highlands Highway Hit and Run Follow-Up

Six people were killed and two critically injured in a hit and run incident that occurred alongthe Highlands Highway last Friday.

The incident occurred onthe road atthe boarder of Western and Southern Highlands Province.


One young lady, four men and one elderly man dlied onthe spot,the two injured are currently atthe hospital receiving treatment.


The Highway has been closed sincethe incident.


The incident happened during a compensation payment betweenthe Olgai Walei Tribe of Paprapuk and Konjo Pupia tribe of Pukule Village both inthe Imbongu District of Southern Highlands Province.


The compensation was for the death of a young kid involved in a car accident last year.


While one tribe was marching onthe road chanting a war crythe driver lost patience and drover straight intothe crowd of more than 500 hundred people at high speed.


Sincethe incidentthe road between Mt. Hagen and Mendi has been blocked bythe angry tribe leaving commuters wishing to spend Christmas intheir villages, stranded.


The driver is in police custody.

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