Haus Krai in Bougainville

The women ofthe Autonomous region of Bougainville will be handing a set of recommendations tothe ABe government to act on violence against women.

The women madethe undertaking when taking part inthe National Haus Krai Day

Bougainville is a matrilineal society. Womenownthe land and have always been consulted when major decisions needed to be made.

It came as a shock when a woman was beheaded this year inthe Bena district of South Bougainville.

“What has it done tothe status of Bougainville? It has totally diminishedthe status of women in Bougainville. It just shows that men of Bougainville think that we are animals that in broad daylightthey can get a knife and chop a women’s neck off. That is totally uncalled for – totally uncalled for,” says Francisca Semoso – Organiser.

Taking part inthe Nationwide Haus Krai wasthe way of stating respect for women must be restored.

They marched through Beka town in song holding placards calling for the end to all forms of violence.

“It’s really important that every person takes ownership of this day because it is not only a women’s issue. It is an issue for the family,the community andthe nation as a whole,” says Semoso.

The women have come up with a set of recommendations in terms of strenthening laws on violence against women to be presented tothe ABe Government.

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