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Haus & Home – Episode 7, 2016

This week’s edition of Haus and Home presents a remarkably exciting and informative episode.

Starting with Cooking With Goodman Fielder as the fun usual, Shopping With Brian Bell, more of BSP updates, followed by Healthy Minds With Dr.Ambi, Cooking With Zenag and finally, Snapshot wraps up this episode.

Starting off the show is Cooking with Goodman Fielder with another sweet looking meal prepared by Godwin Eki which is the Potato Salad.

We then join Leon Gawi on Shopping With Brian Bell where he showcases a wider range of its Tramontina Gardening Tools over at the Brian Bell Home Centre, Gordons.

Furthermore, Rosemary Mawe and Peter Komon both inform BSP’s valued customers on BSP’s February updates.

Healthy Minds with Dr.Ambi features the topic which “Fits” (Seizures) or Sik Guria as explained by Dr.Ambi.

Finally, for Snapshot’s second edition, Tinzey Mau displays in detail, her favourite summer outfits. Both the Rompers and the Flannels. Awesome edition.

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