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Haus & Home – Episode 39, 2016

In this edition of Haus and Home, we share with you another Chef Francois style of preparing the Chicken Pastry, Brian Bell showcases its Dining sets, Ela Motors updates us with its Priority Services, First Home Ownership Scheme Loans with the Bank South Pacific, BNG Trading with their Product Hot Spot ‘Drypers Diapers’ and Dr.Ambi gives sound advice for adolescence regarding sexual and reproductive health.

Starting off the show is none other than the talented Chef Francois taking over the kitchen with another lip-smacking recipe. Watch him prepare the tasty Chicken Pastry, an ideal recipe to try out anytime of the day.

Looking for furniture’s, especially dining sets, which provides more for sharing good food and laughter with family and friends. This week’s edition on Shopping with Brian Bell is all about Dining sets available at the Brian Bell Home Centre located at Gordons.

Furthermore, Ela Motors features more tips and ideas about its Priority Services. They are all about Vehicle maintenance services brought to you on this segment by John Parau. Take your car in to Ela Motors for Priority Service and you can be out in no time at all!

And the best part, anyone can use this service any time of the day. Their follow up call on the service also ensures that if you have any issues, you just need to wait for their call! Now, that is what we call Priority Service.

Moving on, the Bank South Pacific features the First Home Ownership Scheme where Rex Parau tells us his story on how he has a new house under the BSP First Home Ownership Scheme. All you have to do is meet the requirements for BSP. Also we take a look at what BSP has done to a good number of communities, schools, etc. BSP is also active in supporting the communities with lifesaving projects that are totally beneficial.

Joining Haus and Home for the first time is the BNG Trading Product Hot Spot brought to you by ‘Drypers Diapers’. BNG Trading covers the topic on Baby Rash Care Tips. This is something for first time couples to consider in order to choose the best Diaper for your child.

Finally, Dr.Ambi brings to your attention, talks on Sexual and Reproductive Health. This is an on-going issue in Papua New Guinea and also around the world. The only way to educate people about this very issue is to continuously carry out awareness and show the younger ones how to identify and get rid of such issues and learn how to have a positive approach.

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