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Port Moresby
May 17, 2021

Hanuabada Clash

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About eight men have suffered serious body injuries after a clash between villagers from Hanuabada and a Tari community in Port Moresby.


It is alleged thatthe clash began after a young woman from Hanuabada was harassed by intoxicated men from Tari.

The clash erupted on Sunday and continued to Monday morning.


A barricade was set up atthe entrance to Hanuabada as youths fromthe village and nearby Tari community exchanged rocks and abusive language at each ther.


Our crew drover intothe main village where locals informed us thatthe clash erupted after a group of drunken men from Tari harassed a young woman in front of her home.


It is understoodthe fther ofthe woman ran to her aid when he was hacked with a knife.


This sparked an all-out clash between village youths andthe Tari community.


At midday yesterday,the area was deserted and only remains of what took place were evident.


It is still not known if police had intervened; however, an official statement is yet to be made.


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