Guf Governor: Infrastructure Development on Track in Gulf Province

By Sharlyne Eri – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta says infrastructure development in the province, in terms of roads and airstrips, is on track.

He says there has already been dialogue with the Department of Works and the PNG Defence Force to design patrol tracks from Epo to Murua, Petoe, Ihu, and Baimuru.

This road, totaling 298 kilometers, will be declared as a National Highway to connect to the Hela and Southern Highlands provinces.

Governor Haiveta said the Trans Islands Highway will be extended to Kaintiba, then to Morobe and on to the Eastern Highlands.

He added that the Kerema Airstrip upgrading project has been awarded, and work will start soon.

He said both the Civil Aviation Safety and Rural Airships Authority have indicated to help in opening rural airstrips in the Kamea region, and also at Malalaua, Terapo, Lese, Kakoro, Ihu, Baimuru, and Kikori Airstrips.

Sharlyne Eri

Graduated from UPNG in 2015 with a Degree in Literature and English Communication. She started with The National Newspaper in 2016 as a News Reporter and then was moved up to a Sub Editor, the following year (2017). She is among four trainee journalists at EMTV. Television is quite different from print media, however, she is determined take on the challenge. Her passion lies in reporting on issues concerning health and children.

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