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Grand Chief, Sir Michael Somare swamped by hundreds of well-wishers at the Pangu Provincial visit


Grand Chief,  Sir Michael Somare,   was swamped by hundreds of well wishers  in Madang as he arrived  as guest at  the Pangu Provincial visit.

This is the last of his many  public engagements as he   prepares   to end his 50 career in politics.

Madang was a strategic location in the 60s and 70s when Sir Michael,  built  a young team to push for Independence under the Pangu Pati banner.

“When I told Papua New Guineans that we needed to change our country, the Madang’s stood behind me. I was happy. A great many thanks to you,” Sir Michael said in front of a large crowd.

While  commentators will remain  split for years  over the positives and negatives of the Somare administration, he still commands enormous public  respect.

In the 60s and 70s, Madang was an important  piece of the Independence puzzle.    Sir Michael called  on Madang leaders like  Sir Angmai Bilas  to support him for the independence move.

Now at the end of his 50 year  political career,   the veteran politician is  still the tactician. He   has thrown his support behind  the party he founded and  is backing the candidacy of  his daughter Dulciana  for the seat he holds:  East Sepik regional.

While Pangu has maintained this is not a campaign,   its  policies are being shared for public scrutiny.  Among the key points  are agriculture, local level government  support  and stringent  budget control.

“Many new parties copy, cut and paste policies. They steal policies from other parties.  So I ask Papua New Guineans… the 45 or 46 party leaders who stand before you… You must question them,” said Party leader, Sam Basil.

Pangu’s  arrival in Madang comes on the back of another interesting development overnight.  The Grand Chief’s National Alliance Party leader, and Treasury minister,    Patrick Pruaitch, has come out slamming the PNC led government for economic  mismanagement.

“After the economic boost induced by the LNG project that was negotiated and commissioned by a National Alliance Government, it seems like the economy has virtually fallen off a cliff under the present Government.”

Pruaitch has also put his hand up to be Prime  Minister in  what he envisions   as a  national alliance led government.

But even after the lengthy statement delivered yesterday, Pruaitch is being   hammered on social media with Papua New Guineans  questioning why the treasurer  is cutting ties with the PNC after  defending what he knew was falling apart.

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