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Govt Institutions Failing to Protect PNG’s Interests, says Juffa


By Mickey Kavera – EM TV, Port Moresby

Northern Governor, Gary Juffa, has raised concerns on the failure of various government institutions for failing to protect the interest of Papua New Guineans.

He made particular reference to institutions such as the labor department and immigration, among others. Juffa was referring to issues on foreigners taking over jobs and businesses reserved for Papua New Guineans on the FM100 Talkback show, on Thursday morning.

Mr Juffa is concerned about the fact that large numbers of Papua New Guineans are still involved in low income opportunities.

And are not actively participating in the development of the country’s economy.

He says, windows of opportunities are wide open for exploitation with very little protection from government institutions tasked to protect the interest of Papua New Guineans.

Juffa says, institutions such as the labor department, immigration and the Investment Promotion Authority have a need to step up and perform their duties.

Failure by these institutions has seen foreigners take over business and jobs reserved for Papua New Guineans.

He questioned why the National Executive Council has not acted on a submission to review the public service mechanism.

The review if implemented could see an overhaul of the public service mechanism and restore confidence in the people.

But the current scenario experienced by our people leaves much to be desired from the public service mechanism.

He urged Papua New Guineans not to be lenient on their elected leaders of parliament but to demand change and action from them.

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