Government urged to refrain from PNG andIndonesia Trade

Oro Governor Gary Juffa has warnedthe Government against any trade agreement withIndonesia without first consideringthe Plight ofthe West Papuan People.

He said this would be an insult to fellow Melanesians.

He said thougPNG has enjoyed a cordial relationship withthem,the fact remains is that Melanesians are being tortured and killed. It also comes at a time when West Papua is seeking representation atthe MSG.

Governor Juffa added thatthe Pacific Plan in which Sir Mekere Morauta has been tasked to work on must includethe three million West Papuans.

On EMTV’s Tok Piksa Program Sunday nightoMinister for State Enterprise Ben Micah revealed that for the first time,Indonesian President Susilo Bembang Yudhoyono wishes to discussthe issue withPNG. They needePNG’s assistance to resolvethe matter.

West Papua was handed over toIndonesia in 1965 bythe United Nations A mover whichthe West Papuans still call illegal and have pursued a path to self-determination ever since.

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