Government reimburses UNESCO

The government has come tothe aid ofthPNG National Commission for UNESCO, by reimbursing funds totaling K643 thousand. 

The funding was given tothethePNG UNESCO office for the 2003 and 2005 biannual UNESCO Participation Programs. However, it was not acquitted, thus denyingthPNG office from acquiring funding for the Participation Programs.


PNG became a member ofthe United NationsEconomic, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO in 1976, operating as a division underthe education department. It is entitled to funding assistance of 700 thousand kina every two years.



Followingthe non-compliance dilemma eight years ago,the Commission was unable to continue its Participation Programs.


And after many attempts to reimbursethe funds,the government recently signedthe 643 thousand kina cheque to relievethe commission. Secretary General Yori Yei advisedthe media of this in Port Moresby.


Mr Yei said this gesture will revive many ofthe programs that have been stagnant for nearly a decade.


He said overthe yearsthey were fortunate to have implemented ther projects throughthe National Planning’s PublicInvestment Program.


Since its establishment,the commission has carrlied out programs in areas of education, research and communication at over 4.3 million kina.

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