Government moves to partner with Churches

The Government today moverd a little closer to partner with churches to ensure that services reach out tothe people.

Minister for Community DevelopmentoYouth and ReligionLoujaya Toni led with that atthe National Consultative Forum for Churches.

The forum was held at Gaire Village inthe Central Province just outside Port Moresby.

Present were Minister Toni, Acting Secretary Anna Solomon, various church representatives and state agencies.

The goal ofthe forum is to gauge opinions to develop a policy framework from whichthe Government and churches would partner from to deliver services.

Overthe course ofthe two day forum, a number of objectives will be highlighted, including key areas to strenthen cooperation and to seek views onthe names ofthe new policy and new office of religion.

Acting Secretary Anna Solomon saidthe forum was also an opportunity for the church to understand some ofthe Departments roles.

President ofthe Beptist Union oPNG Patrick Gaiyer said many churches havethe capacity to provide services but needed more support. He saidthe Forum was a step inthe right direction.

Three more regional forums will be held before a National Forum. Once completed a policy framework submission will be submitted tothe NEC.

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