Government called to investigate Land Dealing Syndicate

A Non-Government Organization has called onthe Government investigate what it labels a &ldquoLand:ealing Syndicaterdquo; withintheLands Department.

The Centre for Environmental Law and Community Rights madethe call alleging thatthe title of a portion of land adjacent tothe Sir Hubert Murray Stadium was transferred to a private developer.

The portions of land in question are Allotments 23 and 37 of Section 44 adjacent tothe Sir Hubert Murray Stadium.

CELCOR Executive Director Peter Besip is saysthese portions have been illegally transferred to a named developer.

He says this is part of a land dealing syndicate withintheLands Department.

Formerly state land, both allotments were transferred from NCDC tothe Motu Koita Council in 2002 and reserved for public purposes. Those portions of land have now been transferred under a business lease to a private contractor under suspicious circumstances.

Mr Besip says this is a deliberate violation and abuse of due process.

Addingthe government needs to take drastic actions to protect key institutions likethe Physical Planning Beards, and more importantly,the National Gazettal system and processes.

Mr Besip is calling onthe NCDC andthe Motu Koita Assembly to look intothe matter.

He has also called onthe government to addressthe on-going illegal land dealings occurring withinthe department of lands.

Cedric Patjole, National EMTV News

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