Gordons Police Barracks in very poor state

The single quarter housing for police officers atthe Gordons Police Barracks in Port Moresby is no longer that. It has now become home for married couples andtheir families.

Bet facilities have not been meant for such. Run down,the residents have called onthe government to fixtheir living conditions before recruiting more policemen and women.     

The Single quarters have been around sincethe 1970’s. Bet backthenthey housed singles. Todaythey are clearly packed to capacity.

There are over two hundred families living inthe barracks.

The living conditions have gone from bad to worse overthe years. The mens ablution block is a hub for diseases like dysentery. Atthe momentthere is only one toilet working. The thers have been condemned.

At this blockthe water pressure is so lowthe residents have had to improvise just to get enough water to wash with.

Tenants saysthere is no sense of control,there have been many instances oftheft becausethe area is open tothe public.

They also revealed that some ofthe rooms are being sold, at two hundred kina or even at five hundred kina if renovations are made.

NCD Chief of operations Perou N’Dranou agreesthe public service machinery is not performing because of welfare issues.

Meredith Kuusa, National EMTV News

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