Gordons Market Sellers,Customers Call for Temporary Relocation

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At least 1,500 people go through the Gordon’s market each day: both sellers and buyers.

But as the news of the market’s renovation alerted the market-goers and sellers, concerns were raised by worried mothers who make a living from selling their vegetables and goods in the market.

Market President, Aula Kamane, who had known earlier about the renovation of the market said after trying to inform Governor Powes Parkop and Moresby North-East member, John Kaupa on the matter, nothing has been heard from them so far.

Secretary Roselyn Mol said the only solution for the sellers once the market gets demolished will be to use Unagi oval temporarily.

EMTV News spoke to some market sellers who raised their concerns on temporary relocation of the sellers to a suitable place that has a bigger space to cater to the growing number of sellers who sell their vegetables, fruits and goods daily.

Sellers travel from as far as Laloki, brown river, Sogeri, down to 9 mile to sell their fruits and vegetable. Meanwhile, facing a similar challenge are Boroko residents who are still trying to secure a space to sell their items in the new market.

But one thing both sellers of Boroko and Gordon’s have in mind, as well as other markets, is to making a living for their families, especially in making sure that their children in particular go to school and have something to eat at the end of the day.

In the meantime, Moresby North East resident are calling on their local member John Kaupa and NCD Governor Powes Parkop to step in and assist with the relocation of the market sellers to a temporary venue where buying and selling can flow smoothly.

Godwin Eki

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Godwin Eki

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