Garry Juffa: I am not part of Eastern Block

On the other hand, Member-elect Governor for Oro Province has replied to the media reports about the emergence of Third Party called Eastern Block Alliance aiming to form Government also.

Garry Juffa; however, stated in an e-mail to EMTV News saying “there is so much rumour and rhetoric in the media and there and that I believe I would like to substantiate and spell out some facts about my part and role in what is happening in Eastern Highlands.

Juffa states that “Firstly, I am NOT part of the Eastern Block. I am here to support my Regional Candidate Sam Sii. I am here with Governor elect for Morobe, Hon. Kelly Naru who is a friend by the way and we embrace certain values and principals much of which the members here do as well.”

Juffa stated by saying “We are also collectively concerned about certain national issues such as the granting of citizenship to Djoko Tjandra and in my specific case the Naima Rice Monopoly Project and the Seabed Mining Project and such other issues which we here have spoken about and are concerned about.”

“I am NOT forming a group as an alternative government and I am not lobbying for the PM's job I am just speaking to like-minded elected leaders and discussing how best to approach our common concerns and how best we can represent our people in our electorates, our province and our country,” stated Juffa.

“I am NOT with John Kerenga GUL and with due respect to him and his group, have my own stance that I will take into parliament and again, I do not intend to deviate from what I believe in and have spoken against here or anywhere,” concluded Juffa.

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