Gaming Board gives to Women of Hope

The generosity of Veronica Charlie, founder ofthe WomenOf Hope Centre, at Pari village inthe Central province, has caughtthe attention ofthe National Gaming board.

After members ofthe National Gaming Beard were led intothe WomenOf Hope Centre,  fellowship proceeded followed bythe main message: “Wherethere is a visionthe people prosper”.

The centre has been home for those classed as outcasts bytheir own family members particularly those living with HIV/AIDS.

Founder Veronica Charlie has welcomed complete strangers into her home, givingthem land to sustainthemselves. Homeless children have also found sanctuary here.

Althoughthe National Gaming Beard concentrates on gaming activities,the top management felt it needed to give to a worthwhile cause. For a changethey decided to donate away fromthe gaming world.

A cheque of K20,000 was donated tothe women of hope foundation to continue withthe work of taking care ofthe less fortunate.In additionthey also gave a flat screen TV.

Growing up, Veronica Charlie had a difficult child hood- one surrounded in poverty. Despite having limited education she has proverd that wherethere is a willthere is a way.

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