Futher Government Assistance Needed for Kaupena Check-Point

Security guards manningthe Southern Highlands border check–point have called ontheir lLeadersto equipthem with necessary working equipment and uniforms.

The Check–point atthe border of Southern Highlands and Western Highlands province, is located at Kaupena.


Withthe alcohol ban inthe province, it has become risky for the guards who workthere.


They claim so far, two security guards have dlied onthe job.


On a recent visit tothe check point at Kaupena, it was discovered thatthe government check –point was manned by guards who were willing to work, but needed that extra support to empowerthem.


The guards said that even thoughthey were supported bythe Southern Highlands Provincial Government,they needed more assistance, starting with proper uniforms.


Withthe current alcohol ban inthe province,their work is often risky asthey deal with alcohol smugglers, most of whom are often violent and abusive asthey try to smuggle beer and ther illicit drugs from Western Highlands Province to nearby Southern Highlands Province  through Kaupena.


They wanttheir lLeadersto immediately do something aboutthe situation as it is an important gateway tothe rest ofthe province.

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