Fugitve Tjandra’s Passport Cancelled 

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By Theckla Gunga – EMTV News, Port Moresby

The National Government has announced the cancellation of a passport and an APEC card which was illegally issued to fugitive Djoko Tjandra. Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, told the parliament this afternoon (July 17) when responding to concerns raised by Northern Governor, Gary Juffa.

Juffa basing his questions without notice on a report produced by the Ombudsman Commission stated that the report reveals that a number of government officers from Immigration Department and the police were involved in the issuing of Tjandra’s passport.

Mr Juffa wanted to know what actions the government will take against fugitives who are criminally charged under Papua New Guinea laws and the actions against the officers involved.

PM O’Neill when answering confirmed that the government had cancelled both the passport and the APEC card.

The Prime Minister said there are processes in place and had directed for those officers involved to be dealt with. He further stated it is up to the authorities to deal with the officers involved.

In a supplementary question, the Sinesine Yongomugl MP said the Government has no powers to cancel passports and suggested that they obtain a court order to do so.

The Prime Minister responded saying it was a Government decision and if there is a need, it will be taken up by the Minister for Justice and Attorney General.

Theckla Gunga

graduated with an Arts Degree from the University of Papua New Guinea, with majors in Journalism and Public Relations. Her passion in news gathering lies in reporting on Crime and Court stories. She is into her third year reporting with EMTV and loves the challenge of being in a once male dominated field.

Theckla Gunga