Free Health Care Policy Questioned

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The government’s rollout of the Free Health Care Policy was questioned on Friday in Parliament.

Bulolo MP, Sam Basil, raised a series of questions to the Health Minister to define the administration of the policy and its effectiveness.

Basil said for Morobe, people are still paying fees to access services. Basil questioned why this policy has not been effective with people still paying fees and the role the Health Department is playing.

“We have people paying fees to access services, why is this happening and how effective is the policy being monitored by the Health Department,” asked Basil.

For Morobe, the Bulolo MP told parliament that most health facilities are doing their medical procurement, appointment of health boards, and even closing down services due to funding.

Responding to the series of questions, Minister responsible Michael Malabag maintained that the policy is effective and says the department has decentralised services to provinces.

The Primary Free Health Care policy is an outcome of the Alotau Accord orchestrated by the O’Neill-Dion led Government.

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