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Food Shortages in Lae

by Colleen Barilae – EMTV News, Lae

As Morobe marks World Food day with the rest of the country, some Lae market sellers have confirmed they are feeling the pinch as the drought drags on into the sixth month.

It comes following a food shortage in some areas of Morobe that are affected by drought.

Lae’s market has been the main supplier of garden food to all Lae residents for a very long time now.

It is also a central market that attracts sellers from Morobe’s outer districts who come in to market their produce.

Betty Eramias is a seller from Morobe’s Huon Gulf district. 

Betty told EMTV News that the food she produces has decreased following the current dry spell. 

“Now we have increased all the food prices because food from our gardens like banana, have dried up, that’s why we changed prices, food is no longer enough,” Betty said.

As Morobe marked World Food Day, we were again reminded of the delicate balance between good weather spurring steady food production and times like this when a drought is affecting food sources.

Mena Tofot of Markham says the last four months has been hard.

“Some of us are already feeling the pinch of hunger, people are feeling hungry in their own homes, we are finding it difficult to cope with the changing weather conditions,” Mena said.

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