Food Security Neglected

mprover food security inthe country.

The Department of Agriculture and Livestock’s center in Erap supplies ducks and ther livestock to subsistence farmers all overthe country.

Even after many years,the establishment still maintainsthe independence vision of self-reliance.

Officer in Charge, Ario Movis says hundreds of birds have been sent away to ther provinces in efforts to boosts self-reliance and food security.

Morobe boast some ofthe best farm land in Papua New Guineabutthe Government Department responsible for food security has been long neglected in terms of funding and resources.

Its extension program that used to be active inthe 70’s and 80’s had ended due to a lack of emphasis.

Ario Movis says it’s important that people are able to feedthemselves.

Atthe centers farm, pawpaws are being grown on a commercial scale; he seeds came from Taiwan. The emphasis has been shifting overthe last thirty years form subsistence agriculture to commercial production.

Famers are brought tothe center to be trained in commercial farming practices. It’s expected to change how Papua New Guinea viewtheir land.

Be Scott Waide, EMTV Lae Bereau Chief

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