Floriculture To Be Commercialised For WomenTo Benefit

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Sohe MP and Vice Minister for Treasury, Delilah Gore announced thatthe flower industry will be commercialized for women to benefit.


The Floriculture and Agriculture show was held in mid-August this year and was an eye-opener for many inthe province including political lLeaders

Gore said Oro’s rich volcanic soil, givesthe province great farming potential.


“There’s a lot of potential in women into agriculture and also women into floriculture,” she said.

“Floriculture is a talent that we need to commercialize it,” added Gore.

The Sohe MP was away in New Zealand on official duty but her administration presented a cheque of K150, 000.00 to President ofthe Oro WomenFloriculture Association Betty Dobunuba.


Gore announced thatthe money was funded fromthe Joint District Planning Budget to support and enhancethe flower industry inthe province.


“Womeninthe province will receive aid from New Zealand Government to commercializetheir products,” she said.

Minister Gore said its good many women have cultivatedtheir backyard by planting plants for sale as an avenue for self-sustainability.


So far twenty five women groups have registered as a Floricultural association.


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