Floriculture Farmer to Showcase Flower Galore at Annual Flower Show


By Eric Haurupma – EM TV News, Port Moresby

A member of the Cut Flowers Association and local floriculture farmer, Veronica Lou, says she will showcase flower galore at the annual flower show in Port Moresby on the month of May.

EMTV News spoke to Veronica about how she had been benefiting from the floriculture business.

In preparations for the annual flower show scheduled on the month of May, members of the PNG Cut Flowers Association are expected to showcase flower galore.

Veronica is set for the event’showdown with spectacular and unique flowers that’she grew, at her backyard.

Veronica, 44 years old, said like other mothers who have the passion and love for flowers this has inspired her to grow flowers.

She said it all started back in 2014 at the University of Papua New Guinea Botanical Garden when she was introduced to varieties of flowers while visiting the place.

With her inspiration and love for flowers, she began to grow flower cuttings in flower pots.

She said despite moving from home to home she carries the flowers with her until she moved over to Malolo Estate.

She was introduced to the Cut Flowers Association in 2014 by a friend and later registered as an active member of the association.

Like other flower farmers who will be showcasing their flowers during the annual flower show, hers will be the upper hand because of the quality of flowers.

She had been engaging in this floriculture business for almost two years, and with the revenue obtained from selling flowers, she was able to support her family financially.

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