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Finkewe Zurenuoc: This is a celebration of my brother’s life

Image: Finkewe Zurenuoc, younger sister of Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc

As tributes continue to flow after the  passing of Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc yesterday, many interesting stories are being told about his life, and how he touched others around him.

“For me, this gathering is a celebration of his life,” said younger sister, Finkewe Zurenuoc.  “I was fortunate to have spent the last year with him. I spent every second weekend here in Lae”.

Born 18 months after her older brother, Finkewe, has stayed close to her elder brother even in adulthood.  In childhood,  the young Manasupe already had the traits of a leader. He was disciplined and kept his younger siblings in line.

“He was very well disciplined and I was a trouble maker.  When I did something wrong, dad would cane the youngest to the oldest.

“Even if he didn’t do anything wrong, he would get most of the caning.”

At the Morobe Provincial Administration offices in Lae,  he started as a young lawyer in the Morobe Provincial Government’s Legal Services Division.  Eventually, he worked his way up to becoming Provincial Administrator.

Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc is  described as a hard taskmaster, a  brilliant administrator and strategist. His advice was key in the development of various policies used by the government.

By the end of his tenure, he became one of Morobe province’s longest serving  Provincial administrators before taking up the post as  Chief Secretary to the Government.

As his professional achievements  are celebrated, it is the personal touch to his leadership and his family life that is resonating throughout communities in Morobe. For his children, Sir Manasupe made sure, they stayed connected with their province, and their village.

“He was a man of the people,” said his son, Zure who is now studying Public Policy Management.  “I had to share him with a lot of other people.

“Our Dad made sure were well grounded. At the end of the school year, we were either in Lae or in Finschhafen.  He was sure we experienced the real  Papua New Guinea.

“From him, I learned the real meaning of service delivery.”

Younger cousin and Speaker of Parliament,  Theo Zurenoc,  says the former Chief Secretary had a brilliant mind and had a lot more to give to the country.

“Everybody knew him and he knew everyone,” he said.  “He could even remember the name of the wife of the power house operator in Kabwum.

“That’s the kind of person Manasupe was.”


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Marcebee1 08/03/2017 at 07:48

Sir Manasupe was indeed ‘a man of the people’. My dad served under him in the Morobe Administration and even though we were just kids, he always had the time to greet us whenever he met us.
He was always very friendly and humble. I salute you Sir Mana. You are the true definition of a great charismatic leader. You will be sorely missed.

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