Transparency International: Fight Corruption

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By Quinton Alomp, EMTV News, Port Moresby

Corruption is becoming systematic and Transparency International PNG has encouraged every individual to play a part in fighting corruption.

TIPNG Chairman, Lawrence Stephens, said all systems of government plays an important role in fighting corruption but more importantly is people.

“Every individual we all have a very important role to play and we can all make a difference,” he said.

He said the court system plays an important role.  

“For the courts, we need to see people if they are charged processed, and if they are processed, the process shouldn’t take many years. It should as much as possible be handed very quickly so the community could see that justice has been served and the person charged has been looked after carefully.

Mr Stephens said this when launching the 2015 Corruption Perception Index last week, in which PNG maintains its position 139 out of 168 countries for four years.

When asked if politicians implicated for corrupt deals and mismanagement of public funds still holding public office adds to the poor performance on the country’s CPI, this is what he has to say.

“I can’t tell you for definitely that it does add to the problem, but I would imagine that people observing would be convinced that if leaders don’t step aside when there are serious investigation being taken, it could add to poor perception of Papua New Guinea,” Stephens said.

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