FIFA Employs Displaced Youths

The Urban Youth Employment Project, a local level government initiative by Governor, Powes Parkop, and Sports Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, was established in 2011 with a budget of $USD17.98 million from various donors.

It was initiated as a public intervention, addressing both the economic problem of unemployment and poverty, as well as youth marginalisation and crime in the city.

The partnership with FIFA is a milestone for the Youth Project, which is continuing to train and empower the youth of NCD.

Pacifica Ltd, has been tasked with training and preparing the 1000 youth to meet FIFAs standards and level of professionalism

FIFA is known for leaving behind infrastructural legacies after international matches.

Through this partnership; this will be the first time that FIFA leaves behind a Human resource legacy, through the Urban Youth Employment project.

The Urban Youth Employment Project will see 1000 marginalised youths of NCD trained and prepared by Pacifica Ltd to join the FIFA local organising committee workforce, for the upcoming FIFA Women’s Under 20 world cup, hosted by PNG.

This initiative is the first of its kind for FIFA, to take on a youth group project onto its workforce in spite of their professional standards.

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