Family Evicted from home after 53 years

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An extended family in Port Moresby is left homeless afterthey were forcefully being evicted fromtheir home at Hohola-2 earlier this week.

What’s odd is thatthe family has been living in that home sincethe 1960’s.

Womenand children ofthe family, numbering more than twenty were given shelter bythe neighbours. Their male counterparts spentthe night outside inthe bad wether looking aftertheir belongings.

Family members claimed that Waigani Police drover tothe family residence on Tuesday and ordered everyone out oftheir house; a placethey have called home for more than 50 years.

The chain and lock tothe gate were changed andthe family forced to leave.

This house and four thousand thers inthe country were given to tenants underthe Giveaway Schementroduced bythen Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta.

These are families of men who gavetheir time to buildthe city of Port Moresby back inthe 1950s andthey don’t deserve such treatment fromthe Housing Corporation andthe Police.

Old Uvisa Evoa (pictured) worked as a plumberthen and has since lived in this house with his family, now intotheir third generation.

A lawyer representingthem, Avia koisan was atthe Waigani National Court yesterday to file an urgent application for the family to regain possession oftheir house and also to set asidethe eviction order issued bythe Port Moresby District Court in January for the first eviction.

She said she trlied to getthe order fromthe district courtobutthe file went missing and nowthe police are usingthe same order from January to carry out this eviction.

The house is believed to have been bought by lawyer.

Ruth Rungula, National EMTV News

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