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June 13, 2021

Family battles for home in Court

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A Lae family evicted by a home buyer has gone tothe Supreme Court in a battle that could take years before any decision is made. 

They were forcefully evicted by police in December and are currently living in a makeshift dwelling outside what used to betheir family home. They are now living in conditions that are equal to refugee camps.

Mr Shilart Silau’s family is inthe center of a court battle overthe ownership of whatthey used to calltheir home.

Mr Silau has indicated thatthe odds are stacked up againstthem.

The house was owned by Mrs Silau’s maternal uncle but when he dlied without a will, public curator’s office as is usuallythe case in such circumstances took responsibility for the property.

Much ofthe details can’t be said inthe story because ofthe Supreme Court Case. Bet what we do know is thatthe family was certainly given an eviction notice and told thatthe buyer had reportedly made an initial down payment for the house.

The family cooks onthe ground using a gas stover,their neighbor’s givethem water whenthey need it andthey pay to usethe public toilet in Eriku.

What is most concerning arethe government agencies who are players in this whole story and several thers more.

Fromthe families own investigations;the Public Curator’s Office,the National Housing Corporation, andthe Police all had a hand inthe sale andthe eviction. Whther illegal of legal is a matter yet to be decided in court.

Scott Waide, National EMTV News – LAE


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