Fake Meri Blouses Raise Patenting Concerns

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PNG’s iconic ‘meri blouse’ is coming under threat by cheap Asian imports.

A group of women, who earn a living making meri blouses, raised the issue today.


They are calling on the government to put measures in place to stop the import of what they refer to as ‘cheap photocopies’.


The humble meri blouse has been a part of PNG’s identity for generations. For many women, sewing meri blouses is a passion; they put their heart and soul into their creations.


Blouses with the famous PNG colours are a favourite among buyers but recently, these mothers have been making a loss, due to an influx of cheap Asian imports.


Normally, the quality, PNG-made blouses sell for K100 but the cheap, imported blouses are making a killing at just K25. 


In March this year, Minister for Commerce and Industry, Richard Maru, made a consensus that a law for reserved businesses will be passed to protect local business.


This law still remains to be seen. The humble meri blouse has defiantly made a transformation of sorts, with all sorts of designs now hitting the market.


Now all they ask for is for the national identity to be protected.


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