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Western Highlands Deputy Governor Wai Rapa has praised and supported Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen’s decision to declarethe 2013 LLG elections in his province as failed.

Five councilors inthe province also sharethe same sentiments. They collectively condemn those involved in this week’s closure of Kagamuga airport and town services.

The recent civil unrest in Mt Hagen by candidates andtheir supporter’s due to Electoral Commissioner, Andrew Trawen, failingthe LLG elections was condemned by Deputy Governor Wai Rapa. 

Mr Rapa was backed bythe town Mayor and 5 ther district councilors in supporting Commissionor Trawen’s decision.

The Deputy Governor pointed out thatthe election steering committee hijackedthe election process.

He said democracy was not exercised in all polling booths.

Mr Rapa added that assistingReturning Officers sold ballot papers. While some polling took place outside ofthe designated areas.

The 5 district councilors mentioned thatthere was corruption, bribery and foul play in polling areas.

They claim police personnel were not present at polling sit’s.

Mr Rapa has called on Police Commissioner and Provincial Police Commander to arrest those involved inthe civil unrest.

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