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Facebook Community Help Tool may help Papua New Guineans in time of Natural Disasters or Crisis.

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Facebook has created ‘Community Help’, a new tool tied to the ‘Safety Check’ feature that lets users ask for and offer help after marking themselves safe during a crisis or natural disaster.

This can be beneficial to Papua New Guinea as Facebook is trending throughout the nation with about 89.88% using this medium. With our type of climate, terrain and location our country is prone to natural disasters.

Knowing how to use Facebook for these types of situations would be an advantage for users around the country.

The tool will be tested in December then is officially launched in January 2017, will pop up after a user activates ‘Safety Check’. Once you mark yourself as ‘safe’, Facebook will lead you to a page that shows others’ safety statuses, as well as posts from people offering and looking for help in the area.

You might be safe, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need help.

You’ll be able to click “Find Help”, choose from categories such as Food & Water, Transportation, Shelter and Baby Items, and then create a post that further explains what you need. If you want to offer help, like a spare room or extra food, you can scroll through the posts and directly message someone who needs your help, or create a new post with details of what you can provide.

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When a high number of people are posting about an incident in a given area, Facebook will automatically notify those users and ask if they’re OK. A user can then mark themselves as safe and prompt friends to do the same, instead of Facebook sending notifications to everyone.

That change is an effort to give people close to disasters more power in deciding when Safety Check is helpful.

This tool may just help someone in need and it is adamant that people are aware of such tools and how to properly use them.


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Facebook creates Community Help tool so users can aid each other after disasters

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