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Extreme Weather Events Around The World

by Lorraine Gabina – EM TV World News, Port Moresby

Global warming, one of the world’s bigger concerns, continues to unleash ruthless weather conditions across the globe.

Over the weekend, Yorkshire, Britain, bore the brunt of the worst flooding it has experienced in 70 years. Continuous rains over the past week in Yorkshire have swept floods through the city, affecting normal activities for residents and businesses. It will take some time, before life returns to normal.

Yorkshire is not alone, as other parts of the world also endure flooding and other severe weather conditions. While Britain recovers, Asuncion, Paraguay is underwater, and residents are left without basic needs for survival.

An affected resident, Lourdes Ayala, in Asuncion, Paraguay emotionally spoke out, “Please, do something for us. This is enough. It shouldn’t be that they just come when they need our votes and then they run off. People are sick, in wheelchairs and so that hurts.” While another woman, Melania Rodriguez, said “We don’t have water, we don’t have light, we don’t even have food to eat. It’s really something.”

Meanwhile, in the United States, 11 people have died in a tornado in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend in a series of tornadoes.

According to the US National Weather Service, 6 tornadoes were reported in Texas and one in Oklahoma on Saturday. The service has issued severe weather warning for large parts of the central United States on Sunday which include a blizzard warning for parts of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas and a flash flood watch stretching from Texas to Ohio.

As of 8 a.m. Central Time on Sunday, about 400 flights were canceled in the United States, according to tracking service, with more than half being in Dallas, a major U.S. flight hub.

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