Exclusive Breastfeeding Vital, says Health Experts

Health experts have called on working class women in PNG to practice exclusive breastfeeding for their babies inthe first 6 months.


It was revealed that only 30 percent of women in PNG exclusively breastfeedtheir babies, 70 percent have neglected this role; many are working class mthers.

This,they say is not healthy for the growing child and more importantly it contributes tothe increase in deaths of babies under 5 year’s old.


Minister for Health and HIV and AIDS Michael Malabagsaid for working mthers, government has allowed for 2 hours underthe work place policy to take time to breastfeed every day.


Mr. Malabagsaid employers have been told to provide a breastfeeding rooms atthe workplace to breastfeedthe child.


If this cannot be arranged, breastfeeding through express milk has been encouraged.

Secretary for Health Pascoe Kase said exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months is one ofthe most cost effective measures to address wide spread malnutrition inthe country.


Mr. Pascoe said exclusive breastfeeding has also been identiflied to reduce under 5 year’s deaths inthe country.


Health facilities throughoutthe country have been urged to opentheir doors tothe community onthe 19th tothe 23rd of August and provide services such as talks on exclusive breastfeeding, basic medical checks, health talks and immunization to observethe health week.

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