Ex-Morobe Land Board Member: Surveyor General Must Talk

A former MorobeLand:ard member and Lae businessman are calling onthe Surveyor General to publicly clarify who owns a portion of land atthe Lae’s old airport.


Last week, Lae businessman, Johnny Ross, tookthe Angau Management to court overthe land portion that has also been claimed by Angau.

Three days ago, Morobe Governor Kelly Naru said that a new lands board would be sworn in to handle backlog of land issues piled afterthe board was dismantled in 2012.


“There will be a swearing in of a new MorobeLands Beard around next week,” he said.

Betthe new land board may not be sworn in because, Peter Seske, a formerLand:ard Member has gone to court to stopthe new board from taking office.


Seske went to court over his unpaid entitlements; he wants to make sure thatthe provincial government pays him beforethe new board takes office. 


Whilethe court case drags on, confusion is mounting overthe legitimacy of land portions ownership in and around Lae City in particular, certain portions atthe old Lae Airport.


Seske saysthe old MorobeLands Beard is aware ofthe rezoning ofthe old airport for commercial use.


Earlierthe land was earmarked bythe government inthe late 1990’s for government institutions such as health and police.


There is currently, an ongoing court battle between Angau’s hospital’s management and a businessman Johnny Ross who claims legitimate ownership of portion section 375 Allotment 6 oppositethe Angau Hospital.


Seske confirmed on Thursday thatthe portion of land owned by Johnny Ross is already gazetted and that it was done atthPNGLands Department in Port Moresby.


“Allotment 6 is fromtheLands Department in Port Moresby,” said Seske.

Beth Seske and Ross have called onthe Surveyor General publically clearthe air about section 375 and all its allotments inclusion inthe rezoning ofthe entire old airport for commercial use.

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