Esa’Ala’s Micro Credit Scheme Launched

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Esa’rsquo;Ala district in the Milne Bay Province have launched a Micro Credit Scheme which will allow people of the district to venture into Small Medium Enterprises.

The Launch on Friday saw Civil Aviation Minister and Esa’‘Ala member of parliament, Davies Steven, presenting a K250, 000 Sceque to Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) to carry on their work on the island district to ensure locals are given the opportunity to go into business.

Minister Davies stated that the micro finance credit scheme for his people will officially kick off next year, the K250, 000 presented will cover the ground work of establishing the scheme through partnership with SBDC.

He made this comments while presenting the money to SBDC officials on Esa’rsquo;Ala station on Friday during the passing out of 257 graduates in  Start and Improve Your Own Business run by SBDC.

Minister Davies said he is trying to prepare his people to venture into businesses, by having them trained by SBDC. SBDC will assist them in expertise, to help the locals have their credit scheme set up this year, and rolled out next year.

SBDC Acting Managing Director Henry Marasembi further stated that SBDC will be on the ground working in partnership with the District to ensure that all ground work is in place to roll out the micro finance credit scheme.

Mr Marasembi emphasized that the micro finance scheme will eventually lead to the people of Esa’rsquo;Ala having their own bank in the near future.

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