Enga to pioneer Cultural Education Technique for Primary Schools

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Starting next year all the schools in Enga Province will be taught cultural knowledge to complement the existing curriculum.

The Culture Education Program was launched on Friday in Enga Province.

Enga now becomes the 1st  province in Papua New Guinea to have such a program.

Enga Governor, Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas, US Ambassador to PNG, Catherine Ebert-Gray and the Founder of Culture Education, Professor Polly Wiessner, attended a rousing ceremony at the Wabag Primary School.

Enga Provincial Government and anthropologist, Professor Wiessner, worked closely with parents, teachers, village elders, and the Enga Law and Order Committee to introduce Culture Education program.

It will not be taught as a subject, but it will be integrated into all the subjects.

For example, a math teacher will teach the students math formulas, as well as teach them on how people in the past calculate things.

The same applies to other subjects.

Students will only be taught with the good cultural principles to preserve them, and do away with the bad ones.

One example given was the rules of engagement when it comes to tribal warfare. This is where men must not harm women or children from another tribe.

The program will be established and taught to teachers at Wabag Teachers College.

Vasinatta Yama

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Vasinatta Yama

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