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September 23, 2021

Enga: Remote Keman To Receive Services

A church government partnership has seen an essential service reach the people of Kompiam Ambum in Enga Province.

Yesterday the people of Keman in the Wali Tarua LLG witnessed the opening of classroom buildings and a newly built church.


Local MP John Pundari and Enga Governor Peter Ipatas were there to officiate.


Without any road network, the Kaman people have lived for years with minimum interference from outside it’s boundaries. This is because of it’s weather terrains and unpredictable weather conditions.  


However the people are now on the path of seeing changes of essential government services in terms of roads, schools and the settling of district workers in the area.


Local MP, John Pundari, said all this would begin with the purchasing of five excavators by the district to build roads.


“Places like Keman… are areas that bear the bulk of [where] our populations are centered in. The machines will stay there for as long as we can so that we can have these rural communities connected.” Mr. Pundari said.


The opening of the church and classroom is a milestone achievement for the locals. Enga Governor Peter Ipatas, embraced the partnership between the district and the Wabag Diocese for the school to be established.


“The future of Keman are it’s children. If they do not get an education, you must know that you will stay as you used to in the past.” Peter Ipatas told the people.


Local priest Father Philip said the faith of the people has brought these services to them. 


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